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About us:


Established in 2008 Recruitment SA has over 600 companies nationwide that are constantly reviewing potential candidates on a daily. Being in the online job market for the past 9 years Recruitment SA has developed innovative software to allow potential candidates and employers to meet and review each other more easily basis.

Our Mission:


Recruitment SA endeavors
to be one of the leading  job seeking and candidate reviewing
websites, for candidates and employers respectively. Our ambition is
simply to create a platform to enable employers to identify the best
suitable candidate and for candidates to have a variety of options to
choose from thereby ensuring that both our employers and candidates
are satisfied.

Recruitment SA  is more
than just an online search engine or website. Our staff work around the
clock to deliver the best possible results for employers and
candidates alike. We have an experienced  management team that is
constantly involved in the process and prides itself in leading
by example.

Our Vision:

As a business working for the people we pride
ourselves by our values and ever-growing ambition  to connect
employers and candidates for many decades to come. We will constantly
find innovative ways and mediums for connecting employers and candidates.